Posted on: April 28, 2009

“A customer is always right.”

A moto employees are often told to follow

This may not always be the case:

Quite similar to


Posted on: April 24, 2009

[Fertility doctor on brink of cloning human: report]

A US-based fertility doctor claimed to have cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women in an interview published on Wednesday. Panayiotis Zavos told Britain’s Independent newspaper that although none of the women had had a viable pregnancy as a result, the first cloned baby could now be born within a couple of years.

“There is absolutely no doubt about it… the cloned child is coming. There is absolutely no way that it will not happen,” he said, quoted by the paper. If we intensify our efforts, we can have a cloned baby within a year or two, but I don’t know whether we can intensify our efforts to that extent.”

Zavos’s work is widely condemned by mainstream fertility experts, who question whether the technique, which also raises complex ethical questions, is safe. Although other scientists have created human cloned embryos in test tubes to extract stem cells for research, Zavos has broken a taboo by actually putting them inside women’s wombs. He said he has also produced cloned embryos of three dead people, including a 10-year-old girl called Cady who died in a car crash in the US. The child’s blood cells were frozen and sent to Zavos.

The doctor, a naturalised US citizen born in Cyprus, is thought to have carried out the procedures in a secret laboratory somewhere in the Middle East to escape the US ban on cloning. He uses the same technique as was used to clone Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. The procedures were recorded by a documentary maker and will be shown on the Discovery Channel in Britain later Wednesday. In 2004, Zavos claimed to have implanted the first human cloned embryo into a woman’s uterus although scientists then expressed scepticism over a lack of proof about his findings.


Posted on: April 22, 2009

An event featuring demonstrations and speakers from artists in film and game


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If you have not already noticed,  Emily Carr University has a new and fresh website design. I suggest you try exploring around.

I found this page seconds ago – a page with links to many helpful resources in:

Interactive Experience Design
Graphic Design for Print, Packaging and Exhibition
Professional Resources

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Reminded me of the discussion around my self-directed project:

Taken from 4.19 episode of Global TV 16:9

[Robot Army]

The idea of a killer robot has been depicted in films like Terminator and Battlestar Gallactia but these types of robots could soon be fighting along side our Canadian troops. There’s a revolution underway right now in military technology that’s making those ideas more real than ever. 16:9 brings you the prototype for a robot army.


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Have a good summer everyone!


50 Beautiful and Creative Portfolio Designs

Posted on: April 14, 2009

[Self-Directed Project: Wall Exhibit]

Scientists have cloned mice, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, horses, a rat, one cat and a mule.

Using the same laboratory tools and techniques, researchers were able to grow thrity human embryos.

Mankind will embark on a scientific and moral journey whose destruction cannot be foretold.

All humans contain emotion that machines do not, which sets them apart.

Will human clones have emotion?

Will clones be treated differently?

Will clones be considered a tool, created solely for a purpose, such as stem cells or food on your table?

Activity: Using the markers provided, help eliminate the clones by making each figure an individual.




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